Has anyone ever told you that you have a “cool roof”? That’s probably an extremely rare compliment. However, a “cool roof” is a very common type of roofing material. Generally speaking, cool roof technology involves roofing material that is designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. Often this involves a roof that has a very reflective type of paint, sheet covering, tiles, or shingles.

This can be a great way to go in warmer climates, since it can help to decrease the overall temperature of the roof, which makes it less prone to damage over time. It can also keep room temperatures cooler, leading to less use of air conditioning. However, in cooler climates, cool roof surfaces can be more susceptible to the accumulation of moisture through condensation, and energy costs may actually increase because of decreased heat gains during winter. All in all, be sure to consult a professional before deciding on your home’s roofing material.

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