People commonly ignore the signs of sewer leaks, which can cause future expensive repairs and health hazards if left unfixed for a long time. Here is a list of common signs of sewer leaks that should be addressed as soon as possible:

There are changes in the color of your water – You may notice changes in the color of your water into brown or black. It’s a sign that something is not right with your sewer line connection. A sewer leak can contaminate your water quality and be harmful to your household.

Damp patches on the exterior ground – Check your ground outside if there are any water leaks or constantly wet areas, it’s a sign of clogged or leaky drains. If there’s any water pooling outside, check immediately for sewer leaks or plumbing problems. Then, contact a plumber to check and repair the issue immediately before any bigger problem occurs.

An unpleasant gas smell from the sewer – Be on the lookout for odor coming from the drain. If it lingers for a longer period of time, you need to have a professional check it for you. A professional can help you fix sewer issues and help prevent them from happening again. Do not ignore this sign, as toxins may contaminate the air you breathe and cause health hazards to your household.

Carpet, walls, and floors have unexplained wet spots – If there are water leaks or damp spots in your home, it is a possible sign of a sewer leak. However, these signs are sometimes difficult to identify since it is not as evident as a pool of water. It is good to get in the habit to look into the cause of these issues as soon as possible since they could lead to mold growth and health issues.

Watch out for these signs and take care of these issues as soon as you see them so you can prevent future expensive repairs.

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